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What's your favorite ArcheAge class?

Which class to choose has become a hot topic among players after the ArcheAge beta. ArcheAge features over 100 classes built from 10 skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. After reaching level 10, you can combine any three skillsets to make a unique class.


So you can easily get lost in the sheer amount of information, especially if you are new to ArcheAge or to MMOs in general. Among these ArcheAge class, which one is your ideal choice? See below, the most popular ArcheAge classes. What's your favorite ArcheAge class?


Different Ways to Earn ArcheAge Gold


In ArcheAge, earning ArcheAge gold is even more essential. Indeed, how much Gold you have will greatly affect your ability to craft or buy high tier weapons, armor, and vehicles, among others. As such, you will want to learn how to earn Gold in the game as early as possible.

Trade Packs
Trade Packs are THE way to get gold in ArcheAge. Available from level 10, a quest will pop up guiding you through the process of creating and delivering your first trade pack. Basically, there are specialties specific to a region that you can deliver to Gold Traders on your continent (you may also deliver them to other continents for Gilda Stars and crafting materials). The only rule is that you cannot deliver the specialties in the region where they were crafted. And while you may be tempted to deliver them to the closest Gold Trader available in other regions, it is also good to note that the further you travel to sell the trade pack, the more Gold you will earn. To be precise, selling the trade pack to a Gold Trader that is only a region away will get you around 3 Gold and 50 Silvers, while selling it to one that is 4 regions away will net you around 6 Gold and 50 Silvers.

Your first trade run will be pretty easy to make, only requiring 60 Turmerics (that will require you to plant around 25 Turmeric seeds) and 50 Dried flowers (earned by processing flowers of the same kind). Moreover, for each trade pack, you will need a quality certificate that you can buy from a General Merchant for 50 Silvers. Once your trade pack in hand, it is up to you to decide where to deliver it, although I would recommend trying to complete the Trade Packs quests as soon as possible as they will earn you a Donkey mount, as well as a Scarecrow for a 16x16 farm, both helping greatly in your future trade runs.

Sell Trade Packs Materials
If you don't feel like going through the long process of creating and delivering a trade pack, you can simply grow and gather the materials required to create one, and sell them in an Auction House, or by sending a request out in the Trade chat if you aren't a Patron. Not being a Patron may also cause some problems in growing your crops, but that's nothing an illegal farm can't solve (below is a screenshot of my illegal potato farm, with 300+ plants).

If selling Trade Packs materials doesn't seem rewarding enough, you still have the option of gathering and selling Logs (or process them into Lumber), Iron Ores (or process them into Iron Ingots), Cotton (or process them into Fabric), or Raw Stones (or process them into Stone Bricks), all of them being essential materials in the creation of houses, farms or vehicles.

Complete Quests
While the monetary rewards for individual quests may seem trivial, in the long term they can be a decent source of income. Moreover, monsters that you kill to complete quests also have a chance of dropping a Coinpurse. Requiring labor to be opened, Coinpurses contain a random amount of silvers and, in rare cases, valuable crafting materials.

Thievery and Piracy
If you don't feel like working for your own Gold, you can also steal the property of other players. Illegal farms being unprotected, players can loot them at will, uprooting the trees for a chance of getting a sapling, or waiting for them to be ready to harvest them. They can also attack and loot players carrying a trade pack in the PvP zones or at sea. Just be ready to be put on trial and spent a good time in jail, the Jury doesn't exactly like uprooters or players that attack their own faction.

8 Tips to Level Faster in ArcheAge

In ArcheAge, you have to level your character to a certain level in order to participate in the high level content of the game as quickly as possible. So, in this guide you will have all the essential tips you may need to optimize your leveling.

1. Pay Attention to Quest Summaries

Do not simply run to the location of the quest when you receive a new one, but be sure to read the summary so that you do not waste time in needless movement. Indeed, the quest summary not only tells you what monster you need to kill and loot, but also informs you of any item you may need to purchase from NPCs before moving there.

2. Rely On the Quest Indicators
When you accept a new quest, an indicator in the form of an arrow with a specific symbol/number and color will appear around your character, showing you the direction you need to take to reach the quest location. No need to get frustrated if you cannot find the monster you need to kill. It was either already killed by another player and will soon respawn, or you are at the right coordinates, but on the wrong floor. Quest indicators will also help you in finding items that may be hidden by the terrain.

3. Do Not Skip Quests
Never pass a quest just because the reward for it seems trivial. Sometimes this quest will lead to a longer chain of quests offering better rewards, and rare items. Pick up all the quests that you come across. Also be sure to check your mini-map for quest exclamation marks that will not always appear on your screen.

4. Always Overachieve
Some of the quests in ArcheAge have completion conditions that vary from the others. Indeed, upon reaching 50% of the quest conditions (4/8 monsters killed for example) you can submit the quest as an Early Completion. If you exceed the quest condition however (9/8 monsters killed) the quest switches to an Extra-Progression status, up to 150-160% (12/8 monsters killed) of the quest condition where it earns the Overachieve status. Completing the quest earlier will save you some time but reduce the EXP rewards, while Overachieving will take you more time, but boost the EXP received. Which one you choose will depend mostly on your play style, but if you want to level faster, Overachieving will help greatly.

5. Learn About Hidden Quests
ArcheAge has a number of hidden quests that normally involve killing 15-20 of the same mob to reach the objective. The catch is that these quests will remain hidden until you actually kill the number of monsters required, where a quest completion tab showing the amount of EXP you received will pop up. Look for guides and such that tell exactly where these quests are located to save time, or to decide if they are worth it or not.

6. Use and Abuse Your Labor Points
As soon as you have the option of using your labor points, use them to harvest crops, chop trees, mine ores or even do a trade run. These essential components of the universe of ArcheAge not only allow you to gain ARCHEAGE GOLD and resources, but also give you a decent amount of EXP that often exceeds what you get from the early mobs.

7. Do Not Grind Mobs
One of the basic methods to level in the average MMO is by killing mobs one after another. This is not the case in ArcheAge. While you can still level that way if you want the full Sandbox experience, the EXP you receive from monsters can be pretty minimal, and must thus always be done with a purpose in mind (for quests, Overachieving, or items). In fact, leveling by killing mobs would have been a viable option if it weren't for the fact that they aren't easy to kill. If you think you can take down a monster with a couple of hits, or that you can take on a whole group for faster kills, you'll be in for a huge surprise. Most of the time you'll only be able to take on 2 monsters at most, and even then you will have to pay attention to your health bar as it dwindles pretty fast. Moreover, your Mana is limited and will go down fast the longer you fight.

8. Level with A Party
As stated above, killing monsters isn't that easy, and it will often take you around 4-5 of your skills to take one of them down. So why not save your time and Mana by getting other players to help? They will also receive EXP and complete their quest objectives. Not to mention that they'll be here to help if you aggro too many mobs.

Dark Master Raiders in ArcheAge Online

Compared to other similar games, in ArcheAge there is no more copies for players players to participate. However, this does not prevent the PVE players exist in ArcheAge, there is a large number of ancient century wild super BOSS require players to seek, to kill. It is also difficult to kill no less than in the final copy of other games. Team configuration, the same career choice is to kill these wild BOSS needed attention. Here, we discuss the Dark Master.

Natural elements: due to dark master mainly is PVE, so no CD Fireball and Ice CD surgery because of its short chain effect each other become the main output of the dark mage in the process of killing BOSS. The magic shield can greatly improve the viability of the dark mage, buy magic shield with archeage gold and improve its property value, because in order to live a better output. The role of the ice field is gifted with the death of guns hell, evil crows and other skills in a short time to clear mobs pulled down hatred. Meanwhile instantaneous lightning storms and fire barriers also assumed a very important role in the output.

Death Talent: Output skill talent in the death of passive skills with elements of dark mage can become simply the strongest mage in the turret. Hell spear instantaneous control of the evil crow’s AOE and reduced physical hit, revenge rebound edge armor damage cleanup melee mobs are dark mage weapon, or whether it is a copy of the task, can be handy. The impact of extraction can not only use magic in the task to achieve flying kites to reduce damage taken, players for the hostile attack on the road is also practical, Crafts impact + flash magic moments can be opened very long distance with each other.

Will talent: weak physique is the most common problem in all games Master, Dark Master is no exception, and the presence of the talent will greatly enhance the viability of the dark mage, wake up with an instant solution can control flash distance, pulse Wheel of interest not only to act on its own, can also act on the team that can greatly enhance the viability of the whole team.

Professionl Ways to Make ArcheAge Gold

There are many ways to make ArcheAge gold fast and safe in the ArcheAge online game, a great varitey of ways you can find. Now, would share the 4 main ways are popular to make money.

Production by ArcheAge Crafting

Raising milking cows and milking to earn ArcheAge Gold. To raise cows in the safety zone surrounding your pumpkin head scarecrow or house, or will be stolen and robbed. Then sold your milk to NPC directly, AH or players who learn cooking to product the food. The income very stability with low profits. Basically earn about 2.7 silver will cost your 1 labor point.

Note, please build your pumpkin head or house in the temperate climate if you want to raise milking cows. Milking with 7 hours for 3 times a day under temperate climate, otherwise, milking with 10 hours. What's more, you can put 20 milking cows in the safety zone with a pumpkin head scarecrow.

In addition to raise milking cow, you also can make money by mining, logging, planting, plant flowers to product the potion or dyes for sale. These are safe to make money, so the price is not very high, but the price higher than milking generally.

Looting or Stealing

Killing, looting other players' fish and boats, robbing the trading goods to make money if you like fighting in ArcheAge online game. Some ArcheAge players will put the trees or others are planting in inaccessible mountain, because of their safety zone of pumpkin head scarecrow and house. This is also a make money way for some thieves with enough experience. Looting or staling can earn a high income but unstable, and need you have a good technical.


Ready to fishing rod and earthworms (have a chance to get them when gathering the crops). Fishing in the sea first to make the fishing proficiency up to 20000.

Next, building a boat, ready the fishing rod, baits, hooks to the sea. Using the scanning radar to find the shoal of fish when you reach to deep sea zone. OK, you can begin to catch big fish now. There is a fish warehouse to put 5 fish, and 2 fish can hang in aft on your fishing boat. A big fish can get a high income to sell the fish NPC, the highest price can get up to 80 - 99 ArcheAge Gold.

Fishing is a activity with a lucrative and great risk, to be robbed easily. What's more, you can not take back your boat when the fish warehouse has fish, so it is very common things if you are be killed, looting fish, smashing boats.


Sell trade items produced in the eastern continent to NPC in western continent, or sell items produced in western continent to Mirage Isle. Such as, a bag of lavender can harvest about 9 archeage gold trade from western continent to Mirage Isle, the price with 30% bonus, and your trade fish can hold 20 package goods, earn 140 gold if you are arrive successful. But the risks is very large, such as murder, looting, blocked trade points, etc. So please choose the right trade routes before sail off and avoid the war zone.

Things You Should Know Coming Into ArcheAge CBT3


1. If you have a friend who's a founder and you're F2p, ask to use their farm by inviting you to their family. This allows F2p players access to a farm.

2. The quest for farms starts at level 10-12 after you've left your first zone, It will be given by a "Blue Salt Brotherhood Merchant".

3. Overachieve ALWAYS overachieve quests, if your quest says you can "Comp-early" you can also overachieve by doing 150% extra. Worth it!

4. Once you reach 25+ you will start entering danger zones, Keep an eye on the top right of your screen or click "M" and look for the red zones. Your own faction and the enemy faction can kill you here, so play safe and aware.

5. If you don't have any friend on Archeage F2p players can use Public farms. These farms are in every zone and each farm allows different plants/animals to be placed.

6. If you find yourself wandering around Archeage looking at all its beauty take a time out to look for "Illegal Farms" these are placed by people who can't afford Scarecrow farms or don't have enough space, You can get a lot of supplies if you catch them at the right time.

7. Read your skills for combos. Reading your skills will tell you which skills combo together, which will maximize damage on your character.

8. Find a build that suits your play-style generator is a great website to have a look at what build you can make.

9. Trading is a big part in this game and if your taking trade packs over a continent or into PvP zones be prepared to lose everything, Pvp is a big aspect of the game plenty of players just roam the seas for people taking their rowboats for a ride in the open water.

10. You get your clipper (Boat) by purchasing it with Gilda Stars, Doing the main story line is the quickest way to get 50 Gilda stars. You can also buy most blueprints on the Auction House for gold.

11. If you've got a pet/mount/donkey always keep it out, it will gain levels and Xp with you while killing mobs. You will share the Xp from killing, but not from quests.

12. Getting a movement speed buff/skill is recommended for early level's especially for moving with trade packs.

13. A lot of the stuff that Founders can buy in the marketplace can be bought in the Auction house for gold, So save up your gold.

14. Use the mobile authentication app for your account. Nothing worse than your account being hacked for CBT2.

15. Look out for tree's and mines, iron/stone and logs are used for all buildings/boat in Archeage, be careful not to waste all your labor points if you F2p.

16. If you're going to go AFK for a short time period stay logged into Archeage. Make sure you're in a non pvp area though.

17. is an interactive map with: Trade routes, mines and teleporters if you need to know how to get somewhere use it!

18. Walk around and see Archeage in all its beauty, This game is amazingly nice to look at take a break and just ponder!

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