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Professionl Ways to Make ArcheAge Gold

There are many ways to make ArcheAge gold fast and safe in the ArcheAge online game, a great varitey of ways you can find. Now, would share the 4 main ways are popular to make money.

Production by ArcheAge Crafting

Raising milking cows and milking to earn ArcheAge Gold. To raise cows in the safety zone surrounding your pumpkin head scarecrow or house, or will be stolen and robbed. Then sold your milk to NPC directly, AH or players who learn cooking to product the food. The income very stability with low profits. Basically earn about 2.7 silver will cost your 1 labor point.

Note, please build your pumpkin head or house in the temperate climate if you want to raise milking cows. Milking with 7 hours for 3 times a day under temperate climate, otherwise, milking with 10 hours. What's more, you can put 20 milking cows in the safety zone with a pumpkin head scarecrow.

In addition to raise milking cow, you also can make money by mining, logging, planting, plant flowers to product the potion or dyes for sale. These are safe to make money, so the price is not very high, but the price higher than milking generally.

Looting or Stealing

Killing, looting other players' fish and boats, robbing the trading goods to make money if you like fighting in ArcheAge online game. Some ArcheAge players will put the trees or others are planting in inaccessible mountain, because of their safety zone of pumpkin head scarecrow and house. This is also a make money way for some thieves with enough experience. Looting or staling can earn a high income but unstable, and need you have a good technical.


Ready to fishing rod and earthworms (have a chance to get them when gathering the crops). Fishing in the sea first to make the fishing proficiency up to 20000.

Next, building a boat, ready the fishing rod, baits, hooks to the sea. Using the scanning radar to find the shoal of fish when you reach to deep sea zone. OK, you can begin to catch big fish now. There is a fish warehouse to put 5 fish, and 2 fish can hang in aft on your fishing boat. A big fish can get a high income to sell the fish NPC, the highest price can get up to 80 - 99 ArcheAge Gold.

Fishing is a activity with a lucrative and great risk, to be robbed easily. What's more, you can not take back your boat when the fish warehouse has fish, so it is very common things if you are be killed, looting fish, smashing boats.


Sell trade items produced in the eastern continent to NPC in western continent, or sell items produced in western continent to Mirage Isle. Such as, a bag of lavender can harvest about 9 archeage gold trade from western continent to Mirage Isle, the price with 30% bonus, and your trade fish can hold 20 package goods, earn 140 gold if you are arrive successful. But the risks is very large, such as murder, looting, blocked trade points, etc. So please choose the right trade routes before sail off and avoid the war zone.