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Things You Should Know Coming Into ArcheAge CBT3


1. If you have a friend who's a founder and you're F2p, ask to use their farm by inviting you to their family. This allows F2p players access to a farm.

2. The quest for farms starts at level 10-12 after you've left your first zone, It will be given by a "Blue Salt Brotherhood Merchant".

3. Overachieve ALWAYS overachieve quests, if your quest says you can "Comp-early" you can also overachieve by doing 150% extra. Worth it!

4. Once you reach 25+ you will start entering danger zones, Keep an eye on the top right of your screen or click "M" and look for the red zones. Your own faction and the enemy faction can kill you here, so play safe and aware.

5. If you don't have any friend on Archeage F2p players can use Public farms. These farms are in every zone and each farm allows different plants/animals to be placed.

6. If you find yourself wandering around Archeage looking at all its beauty take a time out to look for "Illegal Farms" these are placed by people who can't afford Scarecrow farms or don't have enough space, You can get a lot of supplies if you catch them at the right time.

7. Read your skills for combos. Reading your skills will tell you which skills combo together, which will maximize damage on your character.

8. Find a build that suits your play-style generator is a great website to have a look at what build you can make.

9. Trading is a big part in this game and if your taking trade packs over a continent or into PvP zones be prepared to lose everything, Pvp is a big aspect of the game plenty of players just roam the seas for people taking their rowboats for a ride in the open water.

10. You get your clipper (Boat) by purchasing it with Gilda Stars, Doing the main story line is the quickest way to get 50 Gilda stars. You can also buy most blueprints on the Auction House for gold.

11. If you've got a pet/mount/donkey always keep it out, it will gain levels and Xp with you while killing mobs. You will share the Xp from killing, but not from quests.

12. Getting a movement speed buff/skill is recommended for early level's especially for moving with trade packs.

13. A lot of the stuff that Founders can buy in the marketplace can be bought in the Auction house for gold, So save up your gold.

14. Use the mobile authentication app for your account. Nothing worse than your account being hacked for CBT2.

15. Look out for tree's and mines, iron/stone and logs are used for all buildings/boat in Archeage, be careful not to waste all your labor points if you F2p.

16. If you're going to go AFK for a short time period stay logged into Archeage. Make sure you're in a non pvp area though.

17. is an interactive map with: Trade routes, mines and teleporters if you need to know how to get somewhere use it!

18. Walk around and see Archeage in all its beauty, This game is amazingly nice to look at take a break and just ponder!

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