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Dark Master Raiders in ArcheAge Online

Compared to other similar games, in ArcheAge there is no more copies for players players to participate. However, this does not prevent the PVE players exist in ArcheAge, there is a large number of ancient century wild super BOSS require players to seek, to kill. It is also difficult to kill no less than in the final copy of other games. Team configuration, the same career choice is to kill these wild BOSS needed attention. Here, we discuss the Dark Master.

Natural elements: due to dark master mainly is PVE, so no CD Fireball and Ice CD surgery because of its short chain effect each other become the main output of the dark mage in the process of killing BOSS. The magic shield can greatly improve the viability of the dark mage, buy magic shield with archeage gold and improve its property value, because in order to live a better output. The role of the ice field is gifted with the death of guns hell, evil crows and other skills in a short time to clear mobs pulled down hatred. Meanwhile instantaneous lightning storms and fire barriers also assumed a very important role in the output.

Death Talent: Output skill talent in the death of passive skills with elements of dark mage can become simply the strongest mage in the turret. Hell spear instantaneous control of the evil crow’s AOE and reduced physical hit, revenge rebound edge armor damage cleanup melee mobs are dark mage weapon, or whether it is a copy of the task, can be handy. The impact of extraction can not only use magic in the task to achieve flying kites to reduce damage taken, players for the hostile attack on the road is also practical, Crafts impact + flash magic moments can be opened very long distance with each other.

Will talent: weak physique is the most common problem in all games Master, Dark Master is no exception, and the presence of the talent will greatly enhance the viability of the dark mage, wake up with an instant solution can control flash distance, pulse Wheel of interest not only to act on its own, can also act on the team that can greatly enhance the viability of the whole team.